Why Advertise?

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Why Advertise?

Radio is one of the most powerful advertising platforms that is available. What comes from the speakers grabs people's attention. Radio gets your message out there and makes your business memorable.

Through advertising and sponsorship, you help to grow True Radio to new heights and in return, we'll push and promote your business on-air and online here at trueradio.co.uk.

Plus we can work with you on live events campaigns and prize giveaways to help promote your business to our listeners across our platforms. 

Why True Radio?

We know times are tough, and we want to help. It's not just a message you're getting out on the air, it's a partnership to work together to grow your business and grow our station. The more we grow, the further your message reaches. 

We want our listeners to know your business and know what you do. 

Our audience stretches across the UK, from Perth to Penzance. From a small local startup to a large national group, we'll work with businesses of all sizes, right across the nation. Build your brand awareness with True Radio.

Plus, we're a great soundtrack to have on in your business.

How Can I Get Involved?

We have 2 main ways you can get your business involved.

Either Advertise your business on-air in our commercial breaks. We keep things simple with one simple package to advertise on air. Getting an advert made (audio of up to 60 seconds in length), costs just £100 and once it's been made, it doesn't cost anything further unless you want to change it. 

Once we've got an advert to put on air, we'll stick it on from just £50 per month (*subject to a minimum of 3 months term). Whether it's 3 months or 3 years, the choice is yours. 

The second option is our fantastic Sponsorship deal. We'll give your business an extra special placement appearing on our website and having your business mentioned on air by our presenters. Show Sponsorship means when a listener looks or listens to a show, they'll know that show, is YOUR sponsored message. If you have an upcoming event, sale or promotion, we can mention it on-air and share. 

Join our growing list of sponsors from just £1.92 a day - Get in touch to find out more here

True Radio now has more listeners than ever, and growing!

Find out more about how you can get your business involved using the form linked below or dropping us an email at sales@trueradio.co.uk