Get to know Pete

Have you got any nicknames?
Mr P / Pricey

First song you bought?
Too long ago to remember ..................think it was ABBA the album Arrival

What’s your karaoke song of choice? 
You lost that loving feeling

Favourite artist you’ve seen live?
Eric Clapton ( 4 times )

What’s your “go-to” song to put you in a good mood?
Difficult choice that one!

What got you into radio?
After getting the bug for DJ`ing in pubs & clubs, realised i`d like to do this for a living, listened regularly to the greats like, Simon Bates, Noel Edmonds, DLT, Kenny Everett etc, thats what got me into wanting to be a radio presenter. Love music & enjoy playing all sorts of genre`s, which hopefully makes the day for the listener!

Have you got any hidden talents?
If I have they`re very well hidden LOL

Anything else we should know about you?
I`m a bit of an aviation geek, love aircraft & photography so they go hand in hand, Love my food so a bit of a dab hand at cooking & LOOOOOOVE Real Ale

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