Battle of the Beats

10 Songs... 2 Presenters... Head to Head... who will be the champion?

Join Emma Kirke on True Radio, weekdays 4pm till 7pm for the BATTLE OF THE BEATS.

Each presenter picks 5 songs for a week long head to head battle, who is the music maestro and who will flop. Once you've heard all 5 songs from each presenter on Friday's show, you can vote over the weekend and decide who is crowned as the weeks winner.

If you're undecided, then join Emma & Tony on Saturday for a post match interview.

Results are revealed on Monday's show.


Battle of the Beats will return soon!



  • Week 1 - David O'Leary

    Wins vs Chris Kelly

  • Week 2 - Martin Price

    Wins vs Nick Kershaw

  • Week 3 - Scott James

    Wins vs Stuart Cox

  • Week 4 - Jamie Gorner

    Wins vs Derek Jones

  • Week 5 - Pete Mitchell

    Wins vs Donnell Barnes

  • Week 6 - WINNERS WEEK

    David O'Leary wins!

  • Week 7 - Rematch Week

    Chris & Nick joint winners!

  • Bank Holiday Special!

    David O'Leary - King of Battle of the Beats!


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